Why I’m Satisfied With Reliance Heating Air Conditioning Edmonton

Having a malfunctioning air conditioner (AC) would be the last thing you would like to have in your mind during summer months. There are situations when your AC unit might get damaged. In such a scenario, it is important to fix the damaged unit or replace it with a new air conditioning machine. However, installing a new ac is not an easy task. You need to hire a professional for the job, and it is here Reliance Home Services, Edmonton comes into the picture to help out. I have hired their services for installing a new AC, and I am really satisfied with their expertise. Here is why I chose Reliance Home Comfort for installing my new unit.

Overview of services

You will stumble upon various HVAC companies out there. However, the majority of these companies are not reliable. You may finish off wasting your money on hiring any of these companies. I was aware of this important thing; as such, I took a look at specific factors while picking Reliance Home Services.


Installing an air conditioner requires a sheer degree of expertise. So I looked at the professional knowledge of the company in this area. The company has well-trained professionals who possess years of experience in installing any kind of AC unit. With relevant tools, the handy professionals of the company will visit your place and install the unit to your utmost satisfaction.

Repairs and maintenance

Besides installation, Reliance Home Services has profound expertise in fixing any kind of issues with your unit. Whether your ac is malfunctioning or the duct is blocked, the servicemen at the company will mend these issues quickly. The best thing is you can call the company for emergency repairs anytime.

Also, the experts at the company provide valuable tips on the upkeep of the AC unit, which help to reduce the maintenance expenses. It also increases the life expectancy of the air conditioner. If you assess the cost of their services with the benefits you reap, you will find that hiring the services of this Edmonton company is a highly beneficial deal.


Pricing is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for an HVAC company. It is essential to pick a company that will offer its expertise in return for a modest charge. In this respect, Reliance Home Services comes out to be affordable. The company takes a nominal charge for providing top of the line installation, inspection, and repair services.


You will come across certain companies that charge reasonably for installing and repairing ac units. However, you can’t be sure whether the repairs or installation of the unit is done properly. In case anything goes wrong, you will have to hire the company again and pay additional charges. Reliance Home Services, on the other hand, offers a warranty on its expertise. If you face any problem within the warranty period, the company will fix the problems with the air conditioner without asking you a dime.


Aside from warranty and affordability, what I really like about the company is the quick response. No matter whether you want help and assistance on installation or inspection and repairs, the support staff is ready to address your grievances. All you should do is call the support staff, and you will have your issues resolved in no time.


In case you are still hesitant whether or not to hire this Edmonton company for AC installation, scan reviews about the company. Even I read reviews and testimonies before hiring the expertise of this company. Many people are happy after hiring the company for installing or repairing their air conditioners. The reviews and ratings are legitimate, and this was one of the most important points that helped me in deciding why I should hire the company.

Bottom line

Hiring an expert HVAC company such as Reliance Home Services is imperative to ensure effective installation of the unit. Aside from professional installation, you could count on enjoying their free repairing services during the warranty period for issues stemming from improper installation. Affordability, experience, professionalism, warranty, etc., are a few of the crucial perks of hiring this Edmonton company for fixing and installing ac units. Due to these reasons, I chose Reliance Home Comfort for mounting a new air conditioning unit. If you want to enjoy these benefits, just call them and get relief from your air conditioning issues.

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