Ramco Foundation Repairs LTD Edmonton: Repairing Homes Foundations

Imagine a situation where you notice a crack in your wall. A few days later, this crack has grown bigger. You try to seal it, but a few weeks later, a larger crack has formed. This kind of problem, although it may seem minor, affects your building in a major way. The integrity of the whole structure may be at risk in the long term depending on the location and nature of the crack. This kind of matter should be referred to experts who not only understand the best way to deal with it, but they will also take measures to prevent recurrence and effect to other parts of the building. Ramco Foundation Repairs Ltd is an expert that will help you with such matters.

Customer service

Ramco Foundation Repairs Ltd cares about their clients and seeks to establish a long-lasting relationship with them. As such, they go out of their way to ensure that you get the best services. The staff members are very friendly, and they will help you understand the extent of the damage, the measures they will take to rectify it and how to ensure that you maintain your property well to avoid such things. This was one of the aspects that endeared me to them.


When I approached them, they explained the different services offered in detail. They offer foundation repairs where they deal with horizontal cracks, foundation replacements, basement wall replacements, pile installations and engineer-designed structural repair. Remember that even if there are problems that you think you can handle on your own, it is essential to consult an expert beforehand to determine that there are no other underlying problems that may be causing the foundation damage.

They also repair sunken walls and help you in the construction of extension foundations either internally or externally. In case of water leaks in the basement or floors, they will help you to repair it and waterproof your house. If the leak had gone unnoticed for many months, it is possible that you may have mold. Mould removal requires professional skills to ensure that they get rid of it in entirety.

Besides water, vapor or moisture can also incur extensive damages in your home. Ramco Foundation Repairs Ltd has knowledge and skills to damp-proof your basement. This is done through the installation of Grace or Bakor Coatings accompanied by a SuperSeal Dimpled Membrane. This is an air gap membrane made of dense polyethylene that is used to wrap your foundation preventing penetration of moisture.

Expert Advice

My lack of technical knowledge and skills when it comes to construction issues lead to poor decision making sometime in the past. Some mistakes may not have had long-term effects, but others may negatively affect the integrity of the building. This makes it necessary to get professional advice before any repair work is done. Ramco Foundation Repairs in Edmonton gave me a detailed account of what may be happening and gave me advice on the way forward. They also ensured that I had an idea of where to get high-quality materials to enhance high-quality repair services. Besides this, they helped me in understanding the importance of proper maintenance in the prevention of foundation cracks and other types of faults. Just like they helped me, Ramco will ensure that you are well equipped with the knowledge to enhance proper maintenance.


For over 30 years, Ramco Foundation Repairs limited has been providing foundation repairs in Edmonton. They have repaired thousands of cracks, weeping tiles, carried out numerous wall replacements and facilitated property extensions. This has enhanced a deep understanding of the market and different issues. This experience ensures that they have the best skills, insights, and ideas on how to deal with different client work.

In the spirit of ensuring that they offer the best services to their clients,¬†waterproofing and foundation repairs with Ramco all have¬†free estimates for all jobs. The estimate comes after a detailed evaluation of the foundation. By providing a free estimate, Ramco did not prevent me from making an independent decision on the service providers. They made sure that I understood that I didn’t have to work with them. I found a reliable, accurate and caring foundation repairs partner and I would recommend them. So the next time you require timely and fast waterproofing and other foundation repair services, contact them.

Overall, Ramco is an excellent foundation repair company. We highly recommend them to our blog readers.

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