How Much Should I Pay For AC Repair: Las Vegas NV

If your heating system and air conditioning system isn’t running at maximum performance, it might be time to contact an HVAC technician and have it assessed. Mid-winters in Las Vegas can get a little chilly and if your heating system isn’t performing correctly, don’t hesitate and call a professional air conditioning repairer today. Neglecting to address a problem can lead to more significant issues including higher heating bills, damage to your system, and has the potential to release toxins into your home.

The Cost of a Service Call Depends on Several Factors:

1.Flat Rates: flat rates are charged by most HVAC technicians when they come to your home for HVAC inspections.

2.Experience: experienced AC repair technicians will have higher rates than a less qualified air conditioning repairman.

3.Timing: the timing of your call can be more expensive dependant on after-hours services on holidays or weekends than during regular weekday hours.

These prices can range with a service call anywhere from $40 to $250 depending on the variables above and the nature of the call. It’s possible that the AC repairman will find electrical issues that are the root of the problem and you’ll need to call an electrician. However, the air conditioning repairman will still need to charge you for the service call.

Parts and labor should also be factored in with the service call because if it’s something that needs to be fixed on the spot, the AC repairman will have to use his supplies. A refrigerator that is leaking could cost anywhere from $200 to $1,500 to repair, circuit breakers or fuses $50 to $200, and a new thermostat for your HVAC system can run from $80 to $300.

In addition to service calls it’s always a good idea to have a quality AC repair technician perform routine maintenance on a yearly basis. This saves time and money while preventing future repairs and can save a multitude of health problems with toxins being released into your home. Carbon-monoxide is the number one silent killer, and it’s a good idea to have your contractor install carbon monoxide detectors if you don’t have them.

Why Hire a Professional HVAC Contractor

A lot of homeowners are unfamiliar with their homes HVAC system, and even the best DIY attempts at repairing heating and air conditioning systems can feel overwhelming. Trying to improve your HVAC system with no experience can lead to potential health problems and damage to your system. It’s always best to leave these repairs to the professionals because they have the tools and expertise to perform the job while saving you money.


As an important reminder, it’s always best to do regular maintenance on your HVAC system because the benefit of saving money from overdue repairs can be significant. When you contact a professional AC maintenance specialist always get a written estimate before he begins to work. Ask for a list of all parts and what they’re charging for them along with any overtime rates that might apply. If you’re in need of immediate assistance, call a professional HVAC contractor today.

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