Replacing Your Furnace And Air Conditioners In Ottawa

The comfort of your dwelling year-round is dependent upon the heating and air-conditioning systems you use to cool your home in the summer and keep it warm during winter. Air conditioners and your furnace play a vital role in maintaining an appropriate temperature in your house.

When it is time to replace one or both systems, you should consider all your options. It may be tempting to simply replace the system that is currently malfunctioning and wait to replace the other system until some time in the future.

However, replacing both air conditioners and your furnace– even if one of these systems is still functioning appropriately–can save you money and energy in the long run.

Naturally, it is important to find out about new technology and the features of each system, as well as obtain expert advice before choosing a system for your home.

You can discover if replacing your system is necessary in another blog post, but for the moment we will discuss the benefits of replacing your air conditioners and furnace at the same time to enjoy maximum financial benefits, as well as a more comfortable home.

Energy Efficiency

The air conditioning and heating systems currently being produced on today’s market are very efficient and do not use nearly as much energy as similar systems that were built ten years ago.

It is easy to compare the efficiency of various air-conditioners by researching their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio–SEER–rating. The best systems have a minimum SEER number of thirteen, which is the new government standard for air-conditioning units. The systems that use the least energy and cost the least to operate have the highest SEER numbers.

The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency–AFUE–is the system used to rate furnaces, and it measures their performance from one season to the next. Generally speaking, an efficient furnace should have an AFUE of 90 percent or more.

Heat pump and boiler systems have slightly different efficiency ratings.

Interesting Facts

A modern furnace typically lasts approximately 15 to 20 years on average, while central air conditioners have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years, depending on the equipment efficiency and quality.

Technological Differences

Mixing new and old technology can make system performance less efficient. When you replace only one part of your total system, you are essentially lowering both systems’ performance. This is because you are coupling your older system, with its dated components, with a new, high-efficiency system and the parts simply do not “match.” This means you cannot utilize the full potential of the new technology.

Here, you can discover some of the newest technological advances in the field of air-conditioners.

Systems that match always complement each other, like furnaces and air conditioners that are compatible share the same blower or air handler.

Installing a matched system with a properly functioning handler allows both the heater and the air conditioner to properly operate, thus creating a comfortable home environment.

Below are the components of a Central Air Conditioner and Furnace:

• Thermostat
• Copper tubing
• Furnace/air handler
• Indoor evaporator coil
• Compressor
• Outdoor condenser

You can expect to save money with a “matched system” in the long run. This is because matched systems feature components that are manufactured to work with each other, and this ensures top efficiency. When you replace both systems at the same time, you save significant amounts of money, especially if repairs are needed. This is because each system is under its own individual warranty. (For more warranty information review the content below.)

Ultimately, you can expect fewer repairs with new systems. You may also save additional funds on installation when you buy the systems at the same time, as the installation process is less complex when both are installed at once.

Additionally, if you do not have the systems installed simultaneously, you must pay an extra installation fee when you choose to replace the other unit at a future point in time.

Other Problems with Unmatched Systems

The results of failing to replace both systems with appropriate, energy-efficient equipment can lead to unnecessary bills, discomfort, and personal frustration. It is not wise to invest in a new system, only to decrease its lifespan by coupling it with an old inefficient unit.

About warranties, they are typically not honored if you combined a new, properly functioning unit with an older system that may break down when the new unit is still under warranty.

Therefore, having both systems installed simultaneously guarantees you will get the most out of your warranty if something goes wrong. Read our definitive guide to learn more about how to replace your air-conditioners and furnace at the same time.

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