Do New Windows Effectively Increase The Value of a Home?

new window installation

Nowadays, buyers are looking to purchase homes with established energy efficiency standards in place. The fact is, old and beat up single pane windows are going to be a major turn off for new home buyers. Energy efficient windows can potentially save over $500 every single year in heating and cooling costs. Therefore, it is easy to see why adding brand new windows is going to help to increase the market appeal and overall value of your home.

In fact, according to studies, you can expect to recuperate around 60 to 90% of your total costs when you are looking to invest in brand new energy efficient windows. Not to mention, you will also likely receive a fair 10% tax credit from the Government for the upgrade as well. Also, you might even qualify for more tax credits from your state or even the company that you purchase utilities from.

“Not only are you going to increase the resale value of your home, but you are going to be able to recuperate efficiently the money that you invest in the upgraded windows regarding energy output.” states Vancouver window installation technician Clyde Dwyer. “Because you are going to be able to save a significant amount of money every single year on your energy bill, the windows are essentially going to pay for themselves within a relatively short period.”

However, if you are planning on selling your home, windows are going to help to increase the overall value of your home tremendously. For one, they are going to make your home look a lot better. Because windows are one of the first things that prospective home buyers are going to see when they look at your home, they are one of the things that are likely to make or break the sale. Not to mention, a prospective buyer is going to want to find windows that they do not have to replace or work on. Also, you can sell them on the fact that the windows will essentially be making them money since they will be saving them a significant amount each and every year. It is a great selling point for any homeowner to be able to point out their brand new energy efficient windows. It can set your home apart within the marketplace and make it much easier and more likely that your home will sell for a good price.