Does Having Central Air Conditioning Actually Increase The Value Of Your Home?

When you are listing all of the benefits to owning your home, one that may have a significant impact is whether or not you have central air conditioning. This may not be influential in the purchase of every piece of property. It just depends on a couple of factors. Let’s look at the reasons why having Central AC may be one of the primary benefits of your home when you are selling it, sometimes even allowing you to get more money than you are asking for your house.

Why Central Air Conditioning Is So Important

If the house that you are living in is located in a climate zone where the temperature is sweltering during the summer, it is important to have some air-conditioning, and one of the best that anyone can have is central air. If you don’t have this, there could be rooms in your house that will be much harder, and you may also have to purchase additional air-conditioning units if you have several rooms where people are sleeping which can be very expensive, not to mention tedious putting them in the windows, and taking them out, which is why central AC units are so highly coveted.

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How To Improve Your Chances Of Selling Your Home With A Central AC Unit

Conversely, if you do have a central air conditioner, one that has a full thermostat, this is a top selling point in warmer regions of the country. For example, if you are in the southwest of the United States, temperatures can easily go into triple digits, at which point you will certainly need to have an air-conditioning unit. If you are trying to sell your home, this should be a top selling point that you present, something that may motivate people to consider your house over another that does not have one installed. The cost of the installation will always be several thousand dollars, and to include this in your listing is a great way to motivate people to buy.

Although it is very easy for people to go to a store to purchase air-conditioning units, if they don’t have to spend the extra money, or worry about doing this, this is something that is positive regarding the buyer. Just make sure that it is fully functional at the time of the sale, especially if people are coming over to walk through the home on some of the hottest days, to show them how comfortable it is inside of your home. Use this simple tip and you should be able to attract more potential buyers because of the perceived increase in value that your home will have in the minds of those that may make the purchase.

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