The Carnival of Real Estate turns 21

After weeks and weeks of waiting, the Carnival has finally made its way here.  I had about 28 entries to go through this week, which was less than I expected (fortunately for my eyes, and my fruit fly esque attention span).  I wanted to stick with the top 10, but a ton of the ones that didn’t make the cut, were great entries that were either similar topics to other ones or just didn’t grab my attention as much as the top 10 did.  So I’m going to stick with the whole 21 theme, and have the party today (top 10), and the hangover tomorrow (great entries that I can’t deny you, that just didn’t make the cut).

So lets get to it.

Starting off with an eye opener, I decided to give top honors to a newbie to the Carnival (also a late submitter, tsk tsk tsk). As Stefan Scholl from the Northern Michigan Real Estate Blog presents: NAR’s Antitrust Problems - the tip of the iceberg?

Followed by the rest of the party, in no particular order other than I liked the top ones more than the bottom ones.

Kevin Boer over at 3 Oceans Real Estate shows some correlation between Palo Alto median home prices and the NASDAQ with Back From the dead…courtesy of Altos Research

Rick at Landlord Shmandlord lays out how to shave years of your mortgage (and if you should) with How beneficial is it to make extra mortgage payments each year?  I recently had to take some continuing ed classes, and the agent who was teaching the course, would always present this information to his buyers at the closing table, preceded by “Now I’m really going to earn that commission, let me save you more money…”

Cliff Jacobson at WebHomeUSABlog questions which mindset will prevail with Real Estate 2.0 with Web 2.0 = Google Playbook. Will Real Estate 2.0 = The NAR or Zillow Playbook?

Broker Bryant, one of the big dogs (actually THE big dog at #1) over at Active Rain, shares insight from his experiences with Seller’s are not Stupid

Heather at Trulia Blog Vlog presents the video that inspired some other entries with Interview with CEO Marque Joosten

Mary McKnizzle at RSS Pieces: Real Estate Blogging Resources offers some advice on how to Pimp your blog… fo’shizzle.

Pat Kitano at Transparent Real Estate analyzes Edgeio and it’s acquisition of Adaptive Real Estate Services with Next RE Web2.0 challenger - Edgeio

Toby Boyce at Sadies Take on Delaware takes a look at the current market and the forces that are creating it with Economics vs. Risk management: Todays housing market.

And bringing up the rear is Athol Kay at The Real Estate Guide with Advertise is to Renting as Blog is to Buying 

A’bdee a’bdee a’bdee That’s All Folks!!! Tune in tomorrow for the hangover.  And don’t forget that next weeks host is over at the lifestyle that is ActiveRain (CONGRATS on passing the 10k users). 




17 Responses to “The Carnival of Real Estate turns 21”

  1. Kevin Boer Says:

    Thanks for the nod to my entry! Great selection you made, and thanks for the hard work.

  2. Maureen Francis Says:

    Super job hosting, Jon. I’m headed off to do some reading.

  3. Carnival of real estate is up… at Three Oceans Real Estate Says:

    [...] This week’s carnival host, the Property Monger, has just posted the top 10 entries for this week. Looks like some good content to go through, which I’ll do at my leisure tonight. [...]

  4. REBlogGirl Says:

    This carnival is the shizzle! I always love looking under the hood of the Big Top. I learn more and more each week.

  5. The Carnival of Real Estate - All Grown Up at The Phoenix Real Estate Guy Says:

    [...] . The Carnival of Real Estate turns 21 today. Jon Ernest over at the Property Monger has his picks. A wealth of real estate fun to be had! While you’re there, check out the rest of Jon’s blog. It’s a winner too… [...]

  6. Broker Bryant Says:

    Hi Jon, Great carnival! 28 entries to read through must be quite the job. Thanks for the kudos. I guess I have a lot of reading to do as well. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

  7. Landlord Shmandlord » Blog Archive » Carnival of Real Estate #21 Says:

    [...] The Carnival of Real Estate turns 21 this week over at the Property Monger. Go check it out! One of Shmandlord’s posts even made the top 10! [...]

  8. Latest Carnival is Up! | The Real Estate Zebra Says:

    [...] The latest edition of the Carnival of Real Estate is up at the Property Monger. Great content, as always, so check it out! Bookmark to: [...]

  9. Toby Says:

    Wow! How lucky could I get! My first submission to the Carnival and I get selected among these great articles.

    Great job and look forward to the hang-over on Tuesday!

  10. Carnival Turns 21 at sellsius° real estate blog Says:

    [...] The Property Monger gets Carnival of Real Estate 21 this week. Visit Ringmaster Jon’s Big Top and check out the performances by a renowned group of high flying bloggers. And it’s all done without a net. [...]

  11. Sadie’s Take on Delaware Ohio » Blog Archive » Want to Carnival? Says:

    [...] Toby submitted his article on Econmics vs. Risk Management to the Carnival of Real Estate, hosted by the Property Monger, and recently found out that he was among the top-10! [...]

  12. Christine Says:

    I was meaning to come here before to tell you that you are just too hysterical. I love the mix between hip hop rapper and bug bunny. That is a venue that not many bloggers or eh - real estate agents could ever pull off. But you nailed it!!! Loved loved it!!

  13. Phoenix Real Estate News Says:

    The Carnival of Real Estate - 21st Edition is Up!

    For all you new Point 2 Agent bloggers out there, you should check out the Carnival of Real Estate .

  14. Derek Sterling Burress - » Clowning around with the Carnival of Real Estate Bloggers Says:

    [...] Carnival of Real Estate: Jon Earnest over at the Property Monger is this week’s host for the 21st edition of the carnival of real estate. The most surprising entry to me of course was Broker Bryant’s article titled “Seller’s are not Stupid” which was originally posted over on the Active Rain community. [...]

  15. A leisurely ride through the Carnival at Three Oceans Real Estate Says:

    [...] This week’s Carnival of Real estate was hosted by the Property Monger, and the ten winners are highlighted here. [...]

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