Cambridge Condo Conversion - The Closing

Finally, we’ve officially closed on the triple decker, but of course not without the necessary roller coaster prior to closing.  So the closing package (and certified check) had to make it out of Chicago and be overnighted to my attorney.  Seeing as how god has it out for me, serious storms delayed all flights out of Chicago, and while I should have been signing closing documents, they were waiting for me in Louisville.

It gets better…

So it turns out the sellers niece is an attorney for the treasury department, keep in mind, not a real estate attorney.  She wasn’t too happy that her Aunt was already driving up to go to the closing.  I don’t know if she actually threatened it, but I heard the words “default” and “deposit” from my attorney.   I flipped…

Force majeure!!” I cried.  “The downstairs tenant left some belongings!!  It wasn’t delivered in broom clean condition (the whole time I was telling them don’t worry about cleaning, we’re gutting the place)!! I wrote the offer ‘including all fixtures and appliances’, and the tenant took the fridge!!”

Fortunately for all, cooler heads prevailed.  The seller didn’t waste her trip, package eventually came, and the closing has occured.  I finally got the architect into the property gave him the scope of work and my horrible drawings (he didn’t laugh at them).  He seemed pretty excited about it, I am too…

And here’s the first video to our blog…..the first floor:

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  1. Aaron F Says:

    Sounds like a nice job for your first conversion…We just finished a conversion in South Boston. We hired Sun Property Group as the GC, and the work came out real nice. We did sort of an American traditional theme, pottery barn esqe. I believe they have some pics of the project on their site:

  2. costaricarealestate4 Says:

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