Sellsius 101 - AND THEY’RE OFF!! Round 1

END OF ROUND 1 - 4 hours into it and Greg has sustained his 2-1 lead on Ardell. Current count Greg 20 Ardell 9

4:00 a.m. - #20 Greg Blog hosting and where to do it. Does it matter? YES!!! I don’t know why any real estate blogger would do their blog under a different domain. Mine is attached to my main site, and we saw our traffic double + since we introduced the blog.

3:47 a.m. - #19 Greg Words of wisdom to newbie bloggers Yeah… I’m a write first and ask questions later type of guy.

3:39 a.m - #18 Greg Cost is not value! This is a topic I come across countless times with sales and rentals. Nothing kills me more when a landlord tries to tell me that they deserve $X for rent because they put $Y of improvements in. That’s great buddy, but it’s not called MARKET RENT because renters actually care about your costs. What you paid does NOT equate to what someone is willing to pay.
- #9 Ardell The delay with the Supra Key

3:32 a.m. - #17 Greg. Review of the enemy (sort of), with
his take on the blog Rain City Guide

3:26 a.m. -#8 Ardell Glass tiles and designer sinks I whole heartedly agree. I love the bowled sinks, my parents have them in their AZ home, I have one here in Cambridge, and I want to put them into my new condo conversion. But I’ll have to see if they’re budget conscious first, my guess is no.

3:18 a.m. - #16 Greg Shrinking plots of land? Nope lazy buyers. Chicken or the egg.

3:10 a.m. - #15 Greg, one sure fire way NOT to get inbound links

3:05 a.m.- #7 for Ardell, the double standard in Buyers Agents comissions

Third Hour - Looks like the learning curve has kicked in for Greg, not so much for Ardell. Greg 14 Ardell 6

2:57 a.m. - #14 Greg with FSBO tips. Or you could just skip that and hire a Real Estate Agent.

2:49 a.m. - #13 Greg, ok, this one was out quicker than I could finish my little entry, looks like little white signs is the beginning of the end for Ardell, as the learning curve is in full effect for Greg.

2:42 a.m. - #12 Greg expresses his love hate relationship with Sellsius

2:37 a.m. - Ardell publishes #6 Good people make for good transactions a real life scenario of how the business could be, with the right parties involved.

2:30 a.m. - Greg’s #11 I think it would be appropriate to call this one Morning Wood. Yeah, I know I’m supposed to be professional and everything, but that’s just funny.

2:19 a.m. - Greg hits the double digits with inbound links 101 (no relation) he promised a revisit to the subject, and delivers.

2:14 a.m. - #5 for Ardell as she visits the idea of a local developer who turned a high school into condos. Outside Boston in Malden, MA there are 3 school houses that have been developed into lofts. I like the finished product. Ardell, not so much of a fan.

2:06 a.m.- #9 for the hound. As he offers suggestions as to why my blog english be not good and some proofreading tips.

Second Hour - Greg takes a commanding lead over Ardell…will this be a tortise and the hare as the need for sleep begins to overwhelm the participants? Unless, like me, they’ve already done their sleeping. Greg 8 Ardell 4

1:58 a.m. - #8 for Greg with Open Houses, why have more than one?

1:52 a.m. - Ardell spits out #4 asking is the MLS advertising? You betcha.

1:45 a.m. - Greg’s on #7 singing praise for In The Trenches

1:38 a.m. - #6 for Greg, and who better to tell us about cooling than Mr. Southwest Broker himself. We have a/c in Boston, but only for about 5 days out of the year.

1:25 a.m. - Greg churns out #5 with Building Link Popularity #1 way to build inbound links, according to Greg, outbound links.

1:20 a.m. - Ardell #3 and the motivated seller

1:13 a.m. - Greg offers how to participate in the blogging community #4

First Hour Stats - Not looking too good at this rate. If I can keep up with them, there’s zero chance we’re going to see 101 by the end of the day. Greg 3. Ardell 2.

1:04 a.m. - Ahhhh, #2 for Ardell recounting one of her first transactions where a silverback tried to get one over on her. Notice I say TRIED.

1:00 a.m. - Ardell is still straining to push out number 2. I’m expecting a big one!!

12:55 a.m. - #3 for Greg on how to price your home to sell appropriately in this market (or any market).

12:45 a.m. - Greg’s on to #2, and “number two” is far from the truth on this one, as I fall humbled before his greatness!! Greg, I promise to write these in Word before I publish them (after today that is!!!)

12:26 a.m. - It’s so on as Ardell returns with Attica Attica

12:23 a.m.- Greg Jumps in and takes the early lead with Cry Havoc

12:01 a.m.- Ok.. well not yet. Looks like the two competitors are on West coast time, and I’m stuck on the East coast here. But now it’s 3:06 am (12:06 WC) and I see nothing!

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  1. CJ-in-LA Says:

    Whoa! Your post-by-post coverage is outstanding.

    The pace will quicken as the sun rises out here in the wild west.

  2. The Heat is On! at sellsius° real estate blog Says:

    [...] Back to the 101 challenge. What more can you say about these two, they are writing in real time when most of the world is sleeping. A+ to Greg and Ardell. It’s 3:43am PST and Greg is leading 17 posts to 9. The Property Monger is doing a killer job with a play by play that is just as impressive as the challenge. You ROCK! [...]

  3. Blogoff Post #101: Taking the espresso bus . . . | BloodhoundBlog | The weblog of in Phoenix, Arizona Says:

    [...] Thanks Jon. The Property Monger Rocks! [...]

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    [...] Here’s all the Blogoff news, the quick way: The Property Monger 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Sellsius° 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Real Estate Snippets, NELA Live 1, 2, Curbed LA, Rain City Guide 1, 2, 3, The Phoenix Real Estate Guy 1, 2, The Real Estate Tomato, moco real estate news 1, 2, Altos Research, Real Central VA, 360 Digest, In the Trenches 1, 2, 3, 4, Transparent, Charlottesville Area Real Estate Blog, Blog, Free the Drones, True Gotham, The San Diego Home Blog, Pittsburgh Homes Daily, The Future of Real Estate Marketing, The Boston Real Estate Blog, The Mortgage Reports. [...]

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