Showcase your Home with the Right Lighting

As a realtor, there are few things as important as making a strong and lasting impression on potential buyers. While there are many ways to accomplish this feat, there is one method that is often overlooked. Home staging is the act of presenting a home in the most visually appealing manner possible. One of the quickest and easiest ways to achieve this act is through the use of home lighting.

No matter how well kept and beautiful a home may be, it may come across as dark and dreary in the wrong lighting. The key is to strike a balance that leaves the home looking its very best no matter what time of the day. Below are a few simple tricks to help shine the spotlight on a home to hopefully impress any prospective buyers.

Start by adding some natural light. There’s just something about natural light that makes everyone feel better. By drawing the shades and allowing your home to be filled with as much natural light as possible, you can create an atmosphere that breeds positive attitudes and helps keep spirits high. Not only that, but natural light will also leave your home looking brighter and more appealing. Nobody wants to buy a poorly lit home, which is why many realtors boast the fact that a home has large windows which allows for more natural light.

Unfortunately, you can’t always trust Mother Nature to shine some sunlight down on a home when you need it. In that case you need to find a decent balance in the home through the use of home lighting fixtures. The trick is to use a combination of overhead and accent lights to achieve a warming glow that is pleasing to the eye. By combining accent lights like table lamps, floor lamps, and track lighting with overheard lights, you avoid the risk of the lighting becoming too harsh or too dim. By creating more than one lighting source, you can produce the perfect environment to showcase a home.

Lastly, you mustn’t forget the home’s exterior lighting set up. Use flood lights to illuminate the front of the home to help create a sharp contrast against the night sky. This will also help make the homes address number easier to make out from a distance. A homes address can sometimes be hard to spot, especially at night. Insuring the home is well lit should help eliminate that problem entirely. You may also use path lights to help lead the way to the homes front entrance. Not only does this help the buyer determine where the entrance is located, but it also helps cut down on the number of accidents that can be caused by tripping over plants or lawn decorations. Follow these simple tips and the home you’re selling will definitely shine brighter than the rest!

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