Boston, you too can now own…

… in honor of the Celtics Win, your very own one of a kind, 2008 Larry Bird Replica Mustache!!!!

Yup… this one has nothing to do with Real Estate, but  a buddy of mine put up an auction on Ebay for the One of a kind Replica.  And how could I not do my best to add to the hype.

The bidding started at 99 cents and is currently riding the wave up to a whopping $8.50.  Mostly due to the excellent sales pitch as you scroll further down on the item listing.  I mean who doesn’t want to slap someone elses facial hair on their upper lip to improve their jumpshot???  I suspect the attention it got from a few other sites didn’t hurt either….

 The auction only has a week left, so Bid while you can!!!!!

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