The Hangover


Ahhh the hangover.  The time when you remember how much you love advil, your couch, your blanket, and your water closet.  And a great time to think about / try to remember just what the hell happened, and what you’re going to do about it.

As promised, I wanted to present the other 11 great entries that just didn’t make the top 10 cut.  These are in a particular order, just not the order you’re thinking of.

And without further adeux adeiu … here we go:

Dr. Rudolph D. Bachraty III at Sellsius questions if newspaper advertising has gone the way of CD’s (that’s like, sooo 2002) with Old School Real Estate Search: Real Estate Newspaper Classifieds Ads

Russell Shaw, the first recent addition to the Bloodhound gang, writes from his experience that the market has a lot less to do with what you earn, than you think.

Nigel Swaby at Salt Lake Real Estate Blog predicts a soft landing for the economy.

Jonathan Dalton at Jonathan’s Phoenix Arizona Real Estate Blog writes about real estate technology with the little dutch boy

Joel Burslem at Future of Real Estate Marketing shows us 5 Great Ways to Improve Your Designs

Kristal Kraft at Denver Real Estate and Relocation wants to give the title back to Ohio as she points out some of the difficulties of determining the amount of forclosures in Colorado

Drew Meyers at zillowblog is shaking in his shoes about ‘quakes, and provides a “how to protect your investment.” A great article, that didn’t make the top ten, because I though it was such a specific topic that doesn’t affect me.  I guess what I’m saying is that it’s not Drews … fault.  HIOOOOO I got a pun in!!!

Colleen Kulikowski takes a look at the current housing market through her crystal ball.

Rory Siems takes a look at some recent blogging teamups 

Brian Brady presents a long overdue idea with, well… a long overdue idea

And last and certaintly least ( I say that because I was actually going to trash it, as it was written on October 18th, and that is clearly in violation of the rules of the carnival). But:

A) I liked the entry
B) I like the idea of the whole blog
3) bugger off, it’s my Carnival this week

Bringing up the rear is “2million” writing at 2million blog about the real return on his (her?) rental property

To finish, Drew asked me for my input regarding improvements, as there has been some discussion  this week on the subject. So my two cents is this:

Sometimes when you start adding too many complex rules, you make something too complex. The idea of the Carnival of Real Estate should be something very basic.  A bunch of Real Estate bloggers that submit their posts each week to a different host.  In my opinion, the rules should be entirely up to the host.   Different hosts should use their own discretion as to what will fly, I mean, it IS their blog this is going on.  I think the more that hosts stray from the norm, the more interesting their carnival is.  The more rules you add, the more uniform (aka boring) the carnival will become.

And as far as splitting the carnival in two… please don’t.  I love getting suggestions from people.  I love even more when I get suggestions from people in my company, because they usually get the same response.  Make it so…  If it’s something you’re passionate about, then you’re the best man for the job.

10 Responses to “The Hangover”

  1. Nigel Swaby Says:

    Thanks for the link to my article on a “soft landing” for the economy. It’s nice to get positive feedback like this.


  2. Drew Meyers Says:

    Thanks for putting on a good show this week and for your feedback! Excellent work. I too love the creativity that is allowed by having few rules to the carnival and have to second your opinion not to split the carnival into multiple versions. Carnivals are supposed to be fun, right? Hosts should be given the opportunity to make it fun (such as you did this week).
    Finally, if anyone would like to see the remaining submissions from last week, I just posted a link post on the CoRE home blog-

  3. Christine Says:

    Hey Jon - You did a great job with the carnival. I really enjoyed your humor!

  4. Mark Says:


    Your pun was very… punny. (HI-OOOOO)! ;-)

    - Mark

  5. 2million Says:

    Nice! Enjoyed it. Thanks for including me ;-).

  6. Jay Thompson Says:

    “I guess what I’m saying is that it’s not Drews … fault.”

    You should be punished for that one! PUNished! Get it? I just crack myself up sometimes!

    Nice work on the Carnival. And I agree with your thoughts on the rules and what not.

  7. Todd Tarson Says:

    Due mostly to the fact that I’ve had a busy schedule and don’t tote around one of those fancy notebook computer thingy’s with wireless access… I’ve been losing some interest in the Carnival… but you have made up for my lacking. Great job. Renewed interest in cotton candy all over again.

  8. Derek Burress Says:

    Saw Drew’s comment on myweblog where he asked you what the beep happened. Thought he was asking how come your blog went down last night. I posted a trackback and when I clicked on the links from my site, your page was down yet everyone else’s was still up so. Needless to say the link worked today!

    As for the carnival, I am not so sure posting all the links to other sites not in the top 10-20 is a good thing. I like seeing them from time to time but not every week. Last week was Thanksgiving so it was a perfect time to post them as it was a special week, but since some of us do not actually check out he carnival until later during the week, seeing those links on the actual carnival page and stuff, we seem to go through those links a lot more often than the actual top 10.

    I am kind of split on that one I guess. Either way, good job with the selections!

  9. Colleen Corgan Says:

    Great job with the carnival, I rarely laugh when catching up on industry news. I’d have to agree that it’s important to give the hosts as much freedom as possible- with too much regulation, the carnival would be significantly less interesting. It should be fun, not tedious, right?

  10. Brian Brady Says:

    Thanks for hosting the carnival.

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