What a way with words…

I can’t help myself, I love it…

but the professional porcupine that is the National Association of Realtors lost a double-hand-full of quills last night. If it continues to lose more than it manages to grow back, soon enough it will be nothing more than a naked rat. Then what?”

’nuff said

Not just any loft… the loft cube

All right I guess my theme of the week is different takes on traditional real estate, with the car condo and the Freedom Ship. So how could I deny all of you this one….

Presenting……. The Loftcube

So I came across this one while stumbling across the web. And I was totally intrigued by it. I googled it and came to find that I’m not breaking any news here. The design has been out since 2003. Apparently Playboy broke the story in some thing they have called an ar-tic-le…must be new to their magazine, your guess is as good as mine. But I had never heard of it before, so I’m sure I’m not the only one.

So I figured, what better use of my time could there be than to pester their sales force. So I did. They sent me some of their e-mail propaganda, and I must be a total sucker for a good sales presentation. I thought “this is such a flexible concept!!” You can put this thing anywhere, floating on a pontoon, on top of a city roof somewhere, on a beach…on a plot of land….. oh crap…. I just got sold on a fancy singlewide without the wheels.

The next wave in Real Estate

Buy land, they stopped making it.  Words of advice that makes total sense.  But in today’s day and age, how true is that really?  I mean it’s not like every acre of land has been developed. Down in Phoenix, it seems like the area is just constantly expanding into the desert, the only lack of supply of buildable land is the lack of plumbing, sewer, roads, and a/c.  Thanks to technological improvements, is land really at that limited of a supply?  Surely in larger cities, location is key, and a good downtown location should always be a good piece of property.  But right now there is still ample land that could potentially be built upon.

But that isn’t stopping these guys.  That’s right floating condos.  The World at ResidenSea (cute name) opened it’s doors in 2001, and now that it’s sold its units, they’re attracting some competition.

But of course, it can’t just be the same idea, it must be bigger and better.  And is it ever. Check out The Freedom Ship

I heard they were going to name it The French Ship, but changed the name in 2002…

The Carnival is up at the Real Estate Tomato

COME ONE COME ALL!! The Carnival is up at the Real Estate Tomato


Carnival of Real Estate

12 out of 37 ain’t too shabby…

Forged Real Estate Documents lead to a reporter beat down

Thank god this was real estate related! So I just heard about this on the news, so it’s not like I’m scooping the story, but I haven’t really gotten the opportunity to stream a video on my blog yet, and this story has some great stuff.

Obviously I do not condone/approve of/agree with forging real estate documents, but I love watching beat downs, it’s definitely a guilty pleasure. So yes it’s a horrible thing, but I know if you’re reading this… you’re probably going to watch the whole thing too.

So without further ado…. our first video feed: …… DO’OH!!

Ok.. I’m a Real Estate guy not a computer guy and I can’t figure out the feed thing right now, so for now … the link to the video