Brookline Massachusetts

Situated just west of Boston, Brookline caters to both urban and suburban lifestyles … if you can afford it.  Brookline boasts median property values 50% higher than the rest of Massachusetts, and over double the US average. 

Being surrounded on three sides by Boston and one side by Newton (Voted Americas safest town multiple times), Brookline is truly an oasis with easy access to all of Boston.  In the south side you will find The Country Club, the three time host of the U.S. Open, as well as numerous million dollar estates. 

To the northeast lies it’s more urban diggs which are mostly accessible to the T (MBTA).  The area offers some excellent commercial areas and neighborhoods including Coolidge Corner, Washington Square, Brookline Village, and Cleveland Circle.

Don’t forget about the educational system in Brookline.  So far it’s helped produce such great people as Barbara Walters, Conan O’Brien, Theo Epstein, and John F. Kennedy.  Ok, maybe JFK was just born here, but the schools are great.

Home Prices in Boston Cambridge Quincy MA


CNN reported on home prices across the country.  Hold onto your hats people, the bubble has popped, the sky is falling, housing prices fell a whopping …… 1.2% this quarter compared to a year ago. What does that mean?  Not too much because real estate is local. Fortunately, the article is kind enough to break it down by city, and by single family homes and condos.  These numbers were based on the median price of homes.

Cheers go to:

- Salem, Oregon where single family homes (median price $228k) saw a 24.7% increase from the third quarter last year.
- Knoxville, Tennessee where condos (median price $155.7k) saw a 29% increase over last year.
- other notable cheers go out to Seattle/Tacoma/Bellview WA (single family) and Honolulu HI (condos) that had both high median prices and good percentage increases over the last year.

And the Jeers:

- Detroit MI area single family homes ($154.1k median) lost 10.5% of their value  from last year.
- and Sarasota FL area condos ($275.6k median) lost 11% (ouch) of their value.

So where does that put Boston? Unfortunately we’re in the red.  For single family homes Boston / Cambridge / Quincy ($412.3k median) lost 4.3% from last year.  Strangely enough, Boston / Cambridge / Quincy condos  (median $300.8k) are doing a little better, having lost only 1.9% of their value over last year.

Brookline MA announces wireless internet

The Brookline tab announced yesterday that Brookline, MA is moving ahead with wireless internet.  It’s not like it’s smashing new news, as there are other towns with wireless internet popping up around the US

I can’t say I’m necessarily a fan of the fact that it turns the internet into a public good, and possibly opens the door to further government intervention of the internet…  But on the other hand  FREE INTERNET!!! Sweet!

With the increasing public adaptation of PDA’s and cell phones that are capable of accessing wireless internet.  This is yet another step towards the modernization of many industries…Real Estate included.


Brookline Condos

Ok, so I’ve strayed with some of my posts for a little bit, and wanted to come back home and take a look at the local condo market in Brookline, MA.

* numbers in parenthesis are same stats 1 year ago (10-02-05)

# of Condos For Sale-  295 (256)
# of Condos Under Agreement - 58
# of Condos Sold in last 1 month - 37 (39)
# of Condos Sold in last 2 months - 120 (113)
# of Condos Sold in last 3 months - 187 (203)
Months Supply - 7.972 (6.564)

Average list time for properties on the market - 122.36 (87) days
Average list price for properties on the market $633,870 ($752,291)
Median list price for condos on the market $474,900 ($549,000)

Average list time for condos sold in the last 3 months - 84.25 days
Average Original price for sold condos - $519,963
Average list price for Sold condos - $503,981
Average Sales price for sold condos - $493,329
Median Price for sold condos - $434,000

Ok, so not much new news right now.  There’s more on the market this year over last year.  There’s a higher average list time (which an increase in supply without an increase in demand would directly cause).  And demand has dropped to 2/3rds of what it was during September.  Which is also not a suprise as fall/winter around here is usually slower than the spring and summer.


Comming soon to Brookline, MA - Hammondswood at Chestnut Hill

629 Hammond St. Brookline MA is soon to be the proud new home of 59 Luxury Condos as Boston Development Group received the approval from the town of Brookline.

Hammondswood at Chestnut Hill will offer:
Premium Cabinetry
Hardwood Selections
Crown Moldings
Exclusive PH Options
9′ Ceilings
‘Romeo & Juliet’ Balconies
Granite & Marble Surfaces
Fitness Center
Garage Parking
Private Storage

Can’t wait to see it when it’s done.