meme…ME?!?!?! Awwww crud

&*%$!!! All right, I’ll play along here. Before I do though, I’d like to point out that I’ve read mutliple blogs that have written a things NOT to do with your blog list. Every time, on that list is don’t talk about yourself or your life, no one cares. So if you’re reading this for Real Estate related info… pass on this one, you won’t find any here.

Those of you unaware of what’s going on, I got meme’ed. It’s like a game of blog tag, and meme sounds a whole lot better than “blag,” and only a moron would use the term blag. Well, once you get blagged, you have to tell 5 things about yourself that most people didn’t already know. Then tag 5 more people. Sooooo…

#1) I HATE talking about myself. If someone asks me how everything is, I usually will just say “same old,” then proceed to change the subject, or ask them something about themself. I secretly wished this wouldn’t actually make it around to me, and contemplated just ignoring it if it did happen. Well, Merry Freaking Christmas Jon.

#2) Speaking of merry x-mas, yeah, I celebrate it, AND hannukah. I’m completely American in the sense that I am a mutt in body and spirit. I’m German, Hungarian, Swedish, English, and one that I forgot. My mom’s a jew, my dad’s a presbertyrian. I have a jewish friend that accuses me of being JWC (jewish when convenient). The fact of the matter is, I tell everyone the same thing when the topic comes up “my moms jewish.” So all jews say “oh, then YOU’RE jewish” and the goy (non-jew for the goy out there) say “so you’re half jewish” I just smile, and let people jump to their own conclusions.

#3) I have a severe fear of needles, you will NEVER find any tatoos or piercings on my body. When I was younger, I would constantly break out into tears when I had blood drawn. Even at the age of 16, my doctor would have to come out to calm me down. The most recent time that I had my blood drawn (2005)…. I fainted. That’s right ladies, I’m a real manly man.

#4) Not that it matters ladies, I’m taken. I have a beautiful girlfriend that I’ve been dating longer than most celebrity marriages last. We’ve been together since September 2 1999.

#5) Whenever I’m doing anything business related, and I tell people my age, everyone tells me I’m still a baby. It half annoys me, half makes me appreciate what I’ve done so far with myself. I was born November 9th 1979, I just turned 27.

That’s it. You officially know more about me than most people do. Happy??? Great. Thanks a whole bunch Andrew, and those who brought it to him:

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Now comes the time where it’s my turn to pass the buck to the next bloggers, should they choose to accept the challenge.

The first one’s a no brainer for me, we all know I love reading the Bloodhound, and as of recently he’s added a few “frequent contributors” however for one of them, it appears that frequent means not yet. So the first call out is to a man in my town, who appears to be quite the clever marketing guru (from what I’ve seen on his site), who I have yet to hear from. Ronan Doyle… blag, you’re it. Followed by Broker Bryant, BigP, John Keith, and Allan.

Follow Up to Boston Real Estate Love

I recently wrote an entry about zillows recent focus on Boston Real Estate, and how their zindex was flawed. Drew from Zillow followed up with me and asked if I thought that price per square foot would be more accurate.  I answered with:

 ”To be honest, I think a really cool heatmap would be one that show’s off increases and decreases in activity/volume.  Like a heatmap based off of average months supply of an area (units for sale divided by units sold in the last month) compared to the national or local average. To really show a “HOT” area.  Or a heatmap that used an algorithm that would account for months supply and price per square foot… Different colors, and different shades of the colors (pink being a high volume high price, deep red being low volume same high prices)….”

And I haven’t heard back from him since.  Oh well.  Well one cool thing that came out of that post was a comment from a mysterious stranger asking for “advice” who I never heard from again.  But he happened to show me a link to Trulia’s Boston Heatmap.

Now THAT’S a heatmap.  Now, I don’t think that the Trulia Popularity is dead on accurate still.  I think any time that new luxury construction units are offered in an area, it will skew the numbers.  But the beautiful thing here is the options that they give you.  Sort by whatever you want. Instead of forcing a number down your throat, they are giving the consumer options.