Home Prices in Boston Cambridge Quincy MA


CNN reported on home prices across the country.  Hold onto your hats people, the bubble has popped, the sky is falling, housing prices fell a whopping …… 1.2% this quarter compared to a year ago. What does that mean?  Not too much because real estate is local. Fortunately, the article is kind enough to break it down by city, and by single family homes and condos.  These numbers were based on the median price of homes.

Cheers go to:

- Salem, Oregon where single family homes (median price $228k) saw a 24.7% increase from the third quarter last year.
- Knoxville, Tennessee where condos (median price $155.7k) saw a 29% increase over last year.
- other notable cheers go out to Seattle/Tacoma/Bellview WA (single family) and Honolulu HI (condos) that had both high median prices and good percentage increases over the last year.

And the Jeers:

- Detroit MI area single family homes ($154.1k median) lost 10.5% of their value  from last year.
- and Sarasota FL area condos ($275.6k median) lost 11% (ouch) of their value.

So where does that put Boston? Unfortunately we’re in the red.  For single family homes Boston / Cambridge / Quincy ($412.3k median) lost 4.3% from last year.  Strangely enough, Boston / Cambridge / Quincy condos  (median $300.8k) are doing a little better, having lost only 1.9% of their value over last year.

Real Estate Blog week in review

So if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been gone on a small vacation. So it’s catch up time for me, time to get back in the groove and see what I’ve been missing. I figured I’d start it off with my week in review.

Sellsius, Bloodhound, and Future of Real Estate blogs follow the trials and tribulations of Zillow (wonderfull, the one week I go away is the one week of the year that I would have had the opportunity to bash on both REALTOR AND Zillow, good timing Jon)

The Matrix presents the top 10 Clipboard

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The Real Estate Tomato announces the prizes and extends the date for its Scary Real Estate stories Halloween competition

Urban Trekker Blog put together a very good list of some recent articles that will be effecting the housing market both locally (DC area) and nationally.

San Diego Home Blog hits its 6 month anniversary (Congrats) and is featured in the Carnival of Real Estate hosted by HotPads.

The x broker presents its top 10 x rated REsources

Bring you home reports on Greenspans positive words about the market

Living up to their name, Genious Realty rolls out their fizbomap. I say living up to their name because they’ve figured out a way to get FSBO’s to come to them, instead of having to track them down. Once the FSBO’s are unsuccessfull, where do you think they’re going to go to first?

YoChicago finds some affordable ultra luxury mansions around $10k, yes I’m aware that “k” stands for thousand.

Marthas Vineyard Blog reports that CNN lists Boston in the Top 5 Bubbleproof cities.

John Keith over at the Boston Real Estate blog has some good news for Boston.

Property Grunt informs about a rental scam press conference and talks about the nefarious rental double dip. - Sidenote - I once met an agent who bragged about a triple dip, where he got a fee (one months rent) from the renter, the landlord, AND the relocation company, back in 2000. It’s legal if it’s fully disclosed to ALL parties of course, he didn’t brag about that though.