Turning a profit off your Real Estate blog?

I was perusing some blogs playing catchup this week, and I came across The San Fransisco Real Estate Blog, it had a bunch of great entries, but what caught my eye the most, were the links with the double bars, and the bubbles that came from them.

It’s recognizable right away to be a pay per click of some sort, but with a slight twist. It intrigued me enough to inspect a little further, and it brought me to Kontera. I read through their propaganda, and came to realize that I’m a real sucker for a good pitch.

So, the short version is that they offer “In Text Advertising.”  They have created an algorithm that goes through your text, and maximizes the appropriate ad to the appropriate keyword.
I’m not a huge fan of the PPC, we gave it a shot, and it cost us an arm and a leg. It brought in some business, but I feel like we were an earlier adopter of it. As it grew in popularity, the better placement just got bidded higher and higher until the return just wasn’t worth it anymore. On top of that, other sites began to adopt PPC advertising as well. Whether it was their own version, or google adsense, all the sudden it was everywhere you looked and almost always on the right hand side. I think this phenomonon certaintly helped create the golden triangle.

So I like some of the twists that they have put on pay per click advertising.  On the site owners side, the ads don’t really interrupt the user unless they are interested in the topic.  And for the advertiser, they claim the ads are more targeted.

I personally don’t think you’ll be seeing it on this site any time soon.  But it’s definitely an innovative spin on the PPC that you’ll be seeing more and more, as it is a good format for blogvertising.