Finished basements with a view… and what a view it is!

About a month ago I wrote about the floating condos on the Freedom Ship.  Well ResidenSea eat your heart out.  Here’s three extreemly creative housing ideas I stumbled across, all on the same website.

The Trilobis65 is a floating habitat designed to house 6 people on 4 levels, connected by a spiral staircase. It measures 65 feet from bow to stern, and 42 feet from port to starboard, the top deck is 11.5 feet above sea level, and the underwater observation bulb is 10 feet below sea level. It has a speed of 7 knots, and has fuel cells for solar, wind, or diesel power.

Where would you dock your new 5 million dollar beautiful monstrosity?

At the Neptus 60 cliff habitat of course.

The cliff Habitat consists of 4 sections connected by stairs and elevator

  - The 820 square foot living area with 3 bedrooms, and a living room with terrace
  - the observation deck 60 feet above sea level
  - the docking area
  - and the underwater observation globe

And if that’s not enough, and you just needed more (and who wouldn’t?).  There’s the Jellyfish 45

Awesome!! A veritable floating single family home with room for 6 - 8 beds, this version boasts an internal electric system with 2 generators, a 1000 liter water capacity, and air conditioning.  And of course, the underwater observation globe, perfect for aquarium lovers, or those looking for somewhere from which they can create and run their evil empire.  Bwahahaha!!!