Cool Real Estate sites

Ok, so my motivation for this was based on two sites I recently came across:

Rentometer (what appears to be a Rental Zillow of sorts, Joshua Dorkin over at Biggerpockets blog brought this one to my attention) and GooTube (a mashup of google maps and real estate videos).

I know that’s not even close to what else is out there. ( I plan on adding to this list as I find more) I would include:

- your Gmap helps you create your own Mashup
- Neighboroo (my thanks to Pat Kitano at Transparent RE for bringing that one to my attention)
- HotPads - Hey HotPads… How about a HotAgents with the map mashup? Change the size of the individuals icon based on user reviews to add a little social aspect to the site? Maybe you can make my icon HUGE if you use the idea ;-)
- Homethinking
- Future of Real Estate Marketing will probably be the only Blog I put on this list
(sorry Tomato …. well, I guess that makes it two)
- Rentometer
- GooTube
- RentVine and their new Mapvine
- Housingmaps
- Neighborhoodscout
- Propsmart
- Trulia
- Zillow
- Real Estate Voices
- ActiveRain

* (added) Too funny, so I decided to go to some other bloggers, to try and see if they had already posted some cool RE websites, and I come across a recent post by Mike Price, so it looks like he’s focusing on best sites specifically for the consumer. Help him out and post your input before Friday… if you have any, that is.

As far as for this list, I’d like to be more general (just cool RE sites) yet slightly more specific (websites just focusing on Real Estate stuff, not websites where real estate is one of many applications. i.e. No to Craigslist )