Real Estate Agents bear witness… The rise of video is upon us.

If you don’t know what  a vlog is, you will soon.  As Google has just purchased YouTube for $1.65 BILLION in shares.  Apparently, it was not so much that they wanted the name, but more importantly that none of their competitors acquired it. 

What does this have anything to do with Real Estate? Absolutely everything!

The concept of The User-Generated Content Wave was recently brought up on the Inman News Blogs special report.  And explained how sites like YouTube, Google video, Yahoo! Video, and Soapbox (MSN), have been making it easier to upload and watch videos online (I don’t believe they mentioned Eyespot, and it deserves to be on the list too).  Most importantly, they showed how it’s making real estate cooler.

Now that Google, the leader in search engines, has purchased YouTube, you can expect to start seeing some changes in your internet searching.  I would think that after spending a healthy amount of its shares, google will begin to introduce internet videos into peoples daily internet life.  I expect to see them do this by giving better placement to sites that incorporate videos.  And for good reason, as videos are far superior for multiple purposes, take for example the RentVine how to video for their new MapVine.

But it’s not necessarily all peaches and cream for Real Estate Agents.  The total flipside to Google Video making online videos easier for people, is that, google video is making online videos easier for people.  Before most Realty companies have adapted to changing technologies, expect to start seeing some competition from FSBO’s, as the video how to, is easily accessible to all (well….now it is).  I have already found one interesting mashup incorporating videos and Real Estate, and it’s available to anyone for free.

This is it, the video age is officially here, and it’s an exciting time to be in Real Estate.  As new technologies continue to change our market, Real Estate agents are given the choice to adapt, or continue as is and go the way of travel agents.  I have my video camera, do you have yours?

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Nothing to do with Real Estate

But it does have something to do with my Real Estate blog.

While perusing ActiveRain, I did come across an entry from Maureen McCabe called:  How much is your blog worth?

It had a link to a site that values your blog using the same link to dollar ratio as the AOL-Weblogs Inc deal.  I couldn’t help myself…


  My blog is worth $32,178.78.
How much is your blog worth?

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!  Any takers?

Smarter Agent unveils some new technology for Real Estate Agents

Will it really make you smarter?  Unfortunately, no.  But it will help you fake it a lot better by giving you easier access to information on the fly. As SmarterAgent , (who also has had a blog  since 2003)  releases its New GPS Real Estate Search.

Currently available with Sprint  and Nextell, Smarter agent is now using the power of Location Based Services (LBS), to give agents and consumers property information directly to their phone.  Want to know how much the house you just walked by sold for?  It’s gross living area?  No problem. 

The most exciting thing this means to me, is not that people can now get public records information of anyones home.  But this more signals the adaptation of newer technology that will make it easier to move the real estate industry into the future.  Once the technology is more widespread,  I can see more of a “talking house” turned full video tour right to your phone / handheld device.  And now, thanks to market innovators like SmarterAgent ,  we are one step closer to a technological paradigm shift in Real Estate.