Zillow recently asked some Real Estate Bloggers…

Why do you blog? What business benefits have you gained?

But “most read bloggers”… 

Now Jay Thompson, Douglass Doss, Greg Swann, Robert Melton (thanks for the mention in the 500 btw), Ardell DellaLoggia, and Jim Cronin.  That I’ll buy…

But they obviously haven’t seen MY traffic #’s from all my “hard work”

Brookline Condos

Ok, so I’ve strayed with some of my posts for a little bit, and wanted to come back home and take a look at the local condo market in Brookline, MA.

* numbers in parenthesis are same stats 1 year ago (10-02-05)

# of Condos For Sale-  295 (256)
# of Condos Under Agreement - 58
# of Condos Sold in last 1 month - 37 (39)
# of Condos Sold in last 2 months - 120 (113)
# of Condos Sold in last 3 months - 187 (203)
Months Supply - 7.972 (6.564)

Average list time for properties on the market - 122.36 (87) days
Average list price for properties on the market $633,870 ($752,291)
Median list price for condos on the market $474,900 ($549,000)

Average list time for condos sold in the last 3 months - 84.25 days
Average Original price for sold condos - $519,963
Average list price for Sold condos - $503,981
Average Sales price for sold condos - $493,329
Median Price for sold condos - $434,000

Ok, so not much new news right now.  There’s more on the market this year over last year.  There’s a higher average list time (which an increase in supply without an increase in demand would directly cause).  And demand has dropped to 2/3rds of what it was during September.  Which is also not a suprise as fall/winter around here is usually slower than the spring and summer.


Synova is comming to Boston

Holy Crow!!  Someone is moving INTO Massachusetts!!! Horray new jobs!  That’s right Synova is moving into Boston.

 Yahoo’s press release has more info about the company itself, they make a water-jet guided lasers. 

But I’m thrilled because after tons of news about people leaving Massachusetts, we are now presented with a new increase in damand for high skilled workers.  This will raise the average wage, therefore increasing what people can afford to spend, and help support property values. We hope? 

the Property Monger

So we’ve decided to make a few changes around here.  Nothing massive, but we put in the new theme so I figured it was time for a new name as well…  the Property Monger seemed appropriate enough.

I hope to improve the quality of my blog entries as well as we progress into Blogtopia…