BC Lake Resorts: Your Best Pick Of Lakes Near Vancouver

Vancouver is a city located in British Columbia in the lower mainland region. Vancouver is situated along the sea; it does not have many swimmable lakes which leads to lots of swimming holes near Vancouver. However, there are fantastic lakes located few kilometers from the city; they are beautiful places that one can choose to hike or drive around. For the guys that don’t have fun swimming in the ocean, around Vancouver there are great lakes that they can jump in and have fun. You are only required to pack your lunch, cooler and proceed to the lake to enjoy yourself.

Mystery Lake

It’s located at the pick of Mount Seymour, the lake is a hidden gem but simple to get to. To the north of Vancouver, go round and up to Mount Seymour. The mystery is 15 to 20 minutes from the parking lot. Kids find it easy but also packed lunch makes it easier. It’s a great experience to swim during summer; flat rocks are available for picnicking around the lake and sunbathing. Mystery lake is an excellent place for half or full-day fun. Mystery Lake Motor Hotel is located near the lake, after a beautiful day one can walk in with the family or friends and have a delicious meal in here.

Cabin Lake

Just within the Cabin Lake, there is Cypress Mountain which is commonly known, and it’s great for hiking. It’s a perfect idea that from hiking up to eagle’s bluffs, the lake becomes a dip to wash off the sweat. These activities here are tradition to many people, so if there is congestion at this lake, try Sam Lake. Country cabin, lake, and great food is a relaxed restaurant located on the lakeside. After a dip in the lake, a meal from this place will do you good.

Whyte Lake

Whyte Lake has been a famous swimming hole since 2010 Olympic games when it was constructed. The road is accessed from the west road, south of the upper L. Highway at N. Canyon. It’s only 3km to the lake. The old-growth trees make it worth a walk.

Brohm Lake

The lake is found in Squamish district, which is a 45 minutes drive or another alternative is to hitch a ride. The lake has accessible cliff jumping locations, and dramatic rope swings. The lake is famous amongst Squamish locals. Drive up highway 99 from Vancouver to the Brohm lake sign, park the vehicle and walk to the swimming area and have fun.

Cat Lake

Heading to Squamish area, Cat Lake is an excellent alternative to Alice Lake or Brohm lake. Via cat lake road, its access is off Highway 99, through the dirt road, drive up to the parking lot and follow the screams of happiness. The lake is incredibly warm and has a fun rope swing here. But can get crowded, there are two “beachy” areas so, to have guaranteed fun, bring with you a floaty! Or a piece of floating log to paddle around the perimeter, you can have fun with your neighbor or just hung with your floaty around all day.

Alice Lake

Alice Lake is located in Squamish; it is a great experience to go with friends or family members. Also, it’s a cool camping site, but one has to reserve a spot in advance due to a large population that visits the place especially on hot sunny weekend days. There is congestion in the parking lot, so Brohm Lake or Cat Lake is a better option.

White pine beach

The beach is found on Sasamat Lake near port moody. It has a white sandy beach and beautiful warm waters. Very many people visit the beach during the weekend, but if you can find time to visit on weekdays, be sure you’ll have a great time there. White pine beach is beautiful, and people here understand this beauty already. But if need to move away from crowd arise; you can take a walk around the lake. It’s only 1.5 km walk that offers few secluded areas to dive into the refreshing waters.

Pitt Lake

The destination you can choose to take your canoe to and the canoe rental is one of the best things in the Pitt Lake. Although the lake is cold, you can try swimming. Renting a sailing boat to get you to a secluded sandy beach is a good idea or a cliff to jump off. The Widgeon Falls campground area has a beautiful swimming hole at the bottom of the waterfall. It’s great when you jump in; this is the best idea which leaves you refreshed!

Lakes near Vancouver

Lac Des Roches

The famous Lac Des Roches is located near 100 Mile House, and its ordinary fans are the weekend-warrior crowd. The lake is also a sweet camping zone and even a dog-friendly, so feel free to bring a rover. The lake is also home to the famous Eagle Island Resort found at http://bc.eagleislandresort.ca/ on the west side of the lake.

Lindeman Lake and Green Drop Lake

They are located in Chilliwack. An alternative to the nearby Cultus Lake; Lindeman Lake is much less busy. The lake is a few kilometers hike, and it offers beautiful views and chilly waters. If you want to walk farther, you can continue to Green Drop Lake ahead to avoid the crowd. Both lakes provide great camping sites.