How To Hire A Pest Control Expert To Inspect A New Home

pest control inspection

If you’re going to be buying a new home, you need to get it inspected for pests. That way, you know if there are any and you can then work with the seller to get rid of them before moving in. They can hide very well, so learn how to get the best inspection help here.

You may think that you don’t see a problem with pests, but you may not know what is going on behind the scenes in a home. There are some pests, like termites, that can be hard to see or that can hide behind walls like rodents. You’re going to want a pro to help you look around because they can see signs of the pests that are common very easily. They will also have the right tools to check in places you couldn’t go on your own without specialized knowledge.

You’re going to have to pay to get an inspection, so make sure you ask around for pricing from a variety of companies. Try to request the person selling the home if they will cover it because a lot of the time you get inspections with your home so that you can work with the seller on any issues before you sign paperwork and then pay for the house completely. If there is a pest problem, ask the seller to take the amount off of the home price that it will cost you to deal with the pests.

“After you are told there is a pest issue, you need to figure out how they are going to take care of it. If you were planning on moving into the home, you might want to wait until they are done, especially if they are going to be using a lot of chemicals that you and your family don’t want to be around.” says Vincent Murphy of Westside Pest Control – “Sometimes you have to wait a day or two for the chemicals to dissipate. Either way, you should let them do the work to remove the pests so that you don’t move in and have them get into your belongings.”

After you have pests dealt with, you’re going to want to find out what you can do to avoid them in the future. What can you do to protect your garbage so that some pests don’t have a food source? Do you need to make sure all of your food in your home is sealed or bagged up in some way so that nothing can reach it? You need to think about the food and water sources that could be made available to pests if you were not to pay attention, and that can help you not to feed them and get them breed in the future.

When you’re going to buy any property, you need to make sure you check it for pests which is best done through a professional service. The more cautious you are, the better of a chance you have at not moving into a pest-ridden home.

All About Choosing The Best Asbestos Contractor To Test For Asbestos

Even though its use has been strictly limited within the past decade, there are still cases of asbestos-related cancers that have been reported. It is precisely because of this that businesses need to test periodically their work premises, especially if they are handling materials that contain asbestos.

If you search for them online, you will see that there are many businesses out there that specialize in testing asbestos. While some them do asbestos tests exclusively, there are those contractors that do more, like asbestos abatement and monitoring for abatement projects. You might be wondering, which contractor should you hire?

For us, that depends on what you are going to do if it is proven that you have unusually high levels of asbestos. It might be basbetter to hire a testing and abatement so you will get a better price. However, just like anything else, the price shouldn’t be your only concern.

We firmly believe that a company, no matter what business it is in, is only as good as its last project. That said, make sure to get references from the asbestos assessment contractor’s last three projects. If you’re satisfied that the contractor did a good job on those previous projects, check for insurance. Is your project going to be covered by liability insurance?

Even the most expert of experts can be faulted for omission and destruction in certain situations. Make sure you protect yourself and your business by ensuring that the contractor you hire has liability insurance to cover damage that may arise from botched jobs.

As you are hiring a contract to do testing and asbestos abatement, you might want to hire another contractor to supervise the work of the first contractor, just to ensure that every inch of your business is cleaned of asbestos.

Refinishing Cabinets To Create A New Look

before and after cabinet refinishing

Is it time to provide your kitchen with a refreshing, new look? Have you considered replacing your kitchen cabinets but don’t want to spend that much money? A great option for changing the look of your kitchen is to refinish your cabinets. Refinishing cabinets will allow you to create a new style for your kitchen while not breaking the bank.

When you decide to refinish your cabinets, the first thing you’ll need to do is gather all of the supplies you need. For the actual refinishing, you’ll need to choose a color of stain that you like. You’ll also need a way to sand the preexisting finish away. You’ll also need a way to protect your floor and other surfaces from stain, tools to remove the cabinet hardware and cabinet doors, and a rag to apply the stain.

The next thing you’ll need to do is remove the old finish from the cabinets. To do this, you’ll want to begin with a rough sandpaper. Sandpaper will help to remove most of the finish easily from the cabinets and cabinet doors. After you’ve sanded the cabinets to remove the finish, you’ll want to wipe the cabinets and doors down with a damp rag or tack cloth. Once you’ve removed all of the dust particles left over from sanding, you’ll want to sand the cabinets again. This time, you’ll use a finer sandpaper to prepare the surface for the stain.

After the sanding is complete, it’s time to begin the staining. To stain the cabinets, you’ll use a rag to rub the stain into the wood. Make sure that you’re going with the grain of the wood. After you finish one coat, you’ll need to determine how many coats you want to do. The stain will darken as it dries so be sure to keep that in mind. If you want a deeper color, you’ll need to do more coats of stain. Some stain that you can buy will already have a polyurethane finish mixed in. If the stain you are using does not, you’ll want to use a polyurethane finish to protect the wood when you’re done the staining.

Staining your cabinets can provide an affordable way to change the look of your kitchen or bathroom completely. It can also give you a project that the entire family can work on together. Refinishing your cabinets allows you to change something that can brighten up a room, make you feel more at home, and make your home appear newer.

Do New Windows Effectively Increase The Value of a Home?

new window installation

Nowadays, buyers are looking to purchase homes with established energy efficiency standards in place. The fact is, old and beat up single pane windows are going to be a major turn off for new home buyers. Energy efficient windows can potentially save over $500 every single year in heating and cooling costs. Therefore, it is easy to see why adding brand new windows is going to help to increase the market appeal and overall value of your home.

In fact, according to studies, you can expect to recuperate around 60 to 90% of your total costs when you are looking to invest in brand new energy efficient windows. Not to mention, you will also likely receive a fair 10% tax credit from the Government for the upgrade as well. Also, you might even qualify for more tax credits from your state or even the company that you purchase utilities from.

“Not only are you going to increase the resale value of your home, but you are going to be able to recuperate efficiently the money that you invest in the upgraded windows regarding energy output.” states Vancouver window installation technician Clyde Dwyer. “Because you are going to be able to save a significant amount of money every single year on your energy bill, the windows are essentially going to pay for themselves within a relatively short period.”

However, if you are planning on selling your home, windows are going to help to increase the overall value of your home tremendously. For one, they are going to make your home look a lot better. Because windows are one of the first things that prospective home buyers are going to see when they look at your home, they are one of the things that are likely to make or break the sale. Not to mention, a prospective buyer is going to want to find windows that they do not have to replace or work on. Also, you can sell them on the fact that the windows will essentially be making them money since they will be saving them a significant amount each and every year. It is a great selling point for any homeowner to be able to point out their brand new energy efficient windows. It can set your home apart within the marketplace and make it much easier and more likely that your home will sell for a good price.

Before You Sell Your Home, Should You Have Your Carpets Cleaned?

carpet cleaning

“Our carpets act as one big giant filter for pounds of dust, dirt, dust mites, insect carcasses, grease, soot and all kinds of other particulate matter that all forms into a semi-solid mass of allergic problems.” points out Antonio Blake of Surrey Carpet Cleaning.

Not only that, a dirty carpet can smell to high heaven, and that is not what you want people to see when you are trying to sell your house. When people walk through your home, thinking about buying it, they want your home to act like it is brand new, and an old, dirty and smelly carpet will stand out like a sore thumb.

If you have appointments set for people to tour your home when it is on the market, or if your realtor is going to be showing the home, you should find the very best carpet cleaning company in your town and have them give the very best cleaning that they have to offer.

It has been shown that the better your house looks and the cleaner that it appears to be, the chances of a person putting a contract on your home to buy it increases with their perception of the home being very close to a new condition.

If you have a good realtor, you may get some good advice from him or her as to who to use for your carpet cleaning. If the carpet is clean and fresh smelling when the realtor shows the home, all things being equal with the rest of the house, you should be able to make an excellent impression.

Remember that people make decisions largely on emotional reasoning, and if the carpet is dirty, they might automatically assume that the rest of the house is filthy also. However, if the carpet is sparkling clean, the same assumption will work in a positive way, as they will assume that the rest of the house is spotless also.

A clean carpet also denotes the assumption that the carpet must be easy to clean because after all it is clean now, and possibly the residents did not have time to clean it due to time constraints. You never know what people are thinking, but it is always wise to err on the positive side of things, and you will always be better off.

Instead of making your carpet a deal-killer, make it a deal-maker by having it professionally cleaned and you’ll be ahead of the game in that department.

Does Having Central Air Conditioning Actually Increase The Value Of Your Home?

When you are listing all of the benefits to owning your home, one that may have a significant impact is whether or not you have central air conditioning. This may not be influential in the purchase of every piece of property. It just depends on a couple of factors. Let’s look at the reasons why having Central AC may be one of the primary benefits of your home when you are selling it, sometimes even allowing you to get more money than you are asking for your house.

Why Central Air Conditioning Is So Important

If the house that you are living in is located in a climate zone where the temperature is sweltering during the summer, it is important to have some air-conditioning, and one of the best that anyone can have is central air. If you don’t have this, there could be rooms in your house that will be much harder, and you may also have to purchase additional air-conditioning units if you have several rooms where people are sleeping which can be very expensive, not to mention tedious putting them in the windows, and taking them out, which is why central AC units are so highly coveted.

central air conditioner

How To Improve Your Chances Of Selling Your Home With A Central AC Unit

Conversely, if you do have a central air conditioner, one that has a full thermostat, this is a top selling point in warmer regions of the country. For example, if you are in the southwest of the United States, temperatures can easily go into triple digits, at which point you will certainly need to have an air-conditioning unit. If you are trying to sell your home, this should be a top selling point that you present, something that may motivate people to consider your house over another that does not have one installed. The cost of the installation will always be several thousand dollars, and to include this in your listing is a great way to motivate people to buy.

Although it is very easy for people to go to a store to purchase air-conditioning units, if they don’t have to spend the extra money, or worry about doing this, this is something that is positive regarding the buyer. Just make sure that it is fully functional at the time of the sale, especially if people are coming over to walk through the home on some of the hottest days, to show them how comfortable it is inside of your home. Use this simple tip and you should be able to attract more potential buyers because of the perceived increase in value that your home will have in the minds of those that may make the purchase.

Why Homeowners Should Hire An Expert For Home Theater System Installation

home theater installation

Home theater systems can completely transform the experience of watching movies at home, making you feel like you are viewing the movie in the theater rather than in your living room. While it is possible to install one of these systems on your own, generally it is a better idea to hire a professional to do it for you. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to consider hiring an expert for home theater system installation.

1. First and foremost, leaving the installation to someone else is far more convenient than trying to do it on your own. Rather than having to block out an entire afternoon to deal with the installation, you can just hire someone to come in and do it for you so that you can focus your energy on something that is more meaningful such as spending time with your family or getting stuff done around your house.

2. Home theater experts are knowledgeable about speaker placement and other critical factors that can make a world of difference in how your home theater sound and performs once it is installed. When you try to do it yourself, you may not get the speakers placed in exactly the right positions around the room, which can affect the sound quality of your system. The last thing you want is to spend a bunch of money on a high-quality home theater system, only to have it sound worse than you expected once it is installed. Hiring an expert in home theater installation can help alleviate this problem, ensuring that you get the best possible performance out of your system.

3. Home theater systems sometimes require electrical system upgrades or changes to your home. For instance, there may not be enough outlets available to accommodate all of the speakers and components. In this case, an expert installer can help run wires where they need to go in your home so that you can plug the system in and have it operate as intended. Working with electricity can be extremely dangerous and is a job best left to the professionals. The last thing you want is to wind up seriously injured because you took on a job that you weren’t qualified to handle.

4. “Companies or individuals who specialize in home theater installation have a variety of specialized tools that can help them do the job right.” states Cara Rhinehart, a Phoenix home theater installation expert at

“For instance, they can bring a sound meter to the property which can help them fine-tune the system for optimal performance. Chances are you don’t have similar tools lying around your house that you can use. Rather than investing money in them for a one-time installation, it makes more sense to hire someone who already has them to come in and handle the job for you.”

5. When it comes to home theaters, the installation fees are usually relatively inexpensive which applies in particular if the store where you purchased your system offers installation services of their own. These services are often discounted for customers who buy their system at the shop. In general, for the relatively low cost of installation, it is well worth it to hire a professional to do it for you.

These are just a few of the reasons why homeowners should hire an expert for home theater system installation rather than trying to do it themselves. Not only will it help ensure that the system is correctly installed, but it can also save you time and protect you from potential dangers that could result from working with electricity. If you want to get the best possible performance out of your home theater, consider contacting an installation specialist today.

The Age-Old Question: Should I Buy a New Home or Old?

Old homes are romanticized in movies, and even in renovation shows. They painstakingly rework old built-in furnishings of old bungalows and find doors to fit unseemingly into an old Victorian. The tender loving care often involves a lot of financial resources, tons of patience, and fervor for renovating and reconstructing.

Having strangers in the home cannot perturb you either. Plumbing, electric, and gas lines might be old, patchworked together in a huge nightmare where the local building codes and inspections are involved. It could cost money. A lot of money.

The nice part about older homes is that feel of stability. Old houses have a certain scent to them, when they are still fully functioning and loved immensely. It’s been there for ages. It might have a smell of wood settled in the fireplace or a worn-in effect from the old wood floors.

They often have a comfort level. The neighborhood is settled in and matured. It is fairly stable. The trees are all grown up; the streets established, the downtown where it has always been.

In some cases, the old is calling out for regentrification and renovation. In other cases, the work has been done for you. Older homes have a charm, and because they have been standing so long, you can trust they are well built.

Advantages And Cons Of New Homes
New homes have one main disadvantage — young age. You have no idea if the builder will honor their warranties the way that you had imagined. You do not know if they skimped on materials or skilled labor when it came time to constructing your home.

On the flipside, new homes are larger, much more energy efficient, and have storage and living spaces that meet expectations of today’s families.

You might have to live more of your life indoors or at other locations, though. Newer homes may suffer from a shortage of property. One drawback to the largely appointed more modern homes is the size of the home’s footprint.

It can take away from the outdoor living space for sure. Also, newer homes are often built farther from cities. It may translate to a longer commute, and less walkability to and from stores, restaurants, and even your kids’ schools.

Comparisons And Considerations

One new trend home builders are utilizing is building new homes to look old.
One new trend home builders are utilizing is building new homes to look old.
It is a trade-off when you consider how you will choose between the too — old or new. If you are not committed to staying in that home forever but want to own it still, consider this.

If you are planning to rent out your space at all in the future, compare the rental rates for your area for both old homes and new homes. Newer homes will fetch a higher rental rate, and cost less on replacement costs for roofing, windows, plumbing, siding, and electrical work.

Make sure that you get the best inspector you can find, because old houses can have serious issues. Even newer homes that were not well built and are just in their second decade can be worse for the wear. Foundation issues can start creeping into play, as well as resulting problems from poor construction.

Quality Of Construction

Consider the quality of construction, design ideas, desire for a yard, how the neighborhood suits your lifestyle, and space. Everyone has different needs and most home builders will recommend that you focus on what you need first of all, then find the area that suits you best.

If you love old, go for it. You can make it a labor of love if the home needs work. If home ownership is enough without constantly having carpenters and plumbers over, then opt for a renovated or new home. Either way, make it a home by envisioning how well the house suits your family.

How to Hire a Good Property Manager

hiring a good property manager

If you own rental property, the chances are good that you are not looking forward to dealing with tenant issues. It doesn’t matter whether it pertains to making a small repair or screening potential tenants when your unit is empty the job can be a real challenge, especially for those without requisite experience. The good news in this is that there are property managers available in Vancouver who make it their business to deal effectively with both tenants and owners to make their relationships run flawlessly. The problem is most often separating the good from the bad since a good property manager can help ensure a monthly cash flow while a bad one can almost drive you to bankruptcy. These tips will help you separate the former from the latter.

1. Find out about their business.

It’s great to know that a property manager has a lot of experience with his business, but when he has too much, it can be as bad as not having any. You should make sure that he has adequate time to pay attention to your business, but if he has forty other clients he is working with, and with no help, the chances are good that your needs will get short shrift.

2. Does that property manager own rentals?

“There are two ways to look at this one. First, if a property manager owns rentals, he can better understand what it feels like to be an owner. On the other hand, if a property manager has a vacancy in one of his properties, will he be objective enough to recommend a potential renter to you or will he grab it for himself?” points out Robert Cornwall of Property Management in Vancouver.

3. How does a property manager feel about inspections?

Routine inspections of a property should be a given. Unfortunately, not only do some property managers balk at the prospect of doing these, but many will charge an extra fee if you insist that they do them. Steer clear of any property manager that doesn’t consider periodic inspections to be a part of their standard services.

4. Does a manager listen to you?

Many property managers will spend their time cutting you off and injecting themselves into a conversation with clients. This is wrong. A property manager who is worth their salt will listen to their customers and take their concerns to heart.

5. Keep a handle on maintenance issues.

A property owner should have some assurances that maintenance issues are taken care of properly. Repairs will normally need to be made, but don’t allow them to get out of hand. You would be well advised to give a property owner a limit to what he can spend without your approval.

6. Keeping you up to date.

You have a right to know what is going on with your property. Your monthly check from the property should be accompanied by a full accounting of what has gone on with your rental during the month.

Many items could be added to a list like this, which, however, is just a mini-course. If you think of something, ask your prospective manager. The time and money you save will be your own.

Trump Tower Las Vegas Overview

Trump Tower Las Vegas is directly adjacent to the famous Fashion Show Mall, next to The Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino and The Wynn Resort. The tower combines the thrill of Vegas with all of the sumptuous comfort of the finest hotels.

The tower is named after Donald Trump – (a real estate developer, and president of the Trump Organization) – who is currently a US presidential candidate in the upcoming 2016 election. The construction of this luxurious Trump Tower Las Vegas condominiums kick-started in 2006 and was completed in 2008. It is currently the tallest residential building in Las Vegas at 640 feet (200 m).

Magnificent amenities at this expensive high-rise condo building include valet parking, white-gloved doormen, floor-to-ceiling views of awesome Las Vegas, on-site security staff and a 24/7 concierge service. Additional amenities include a fitness center, spa, salon, a heated outdoor pool, bar, sundeck, and gourmet restaurant, as well as meeting rooms and a business center. Residents can rent their condo when not in use or use it all themselves all year-round.

trump tower las vegas nv

Community Features Include:

  • trump tower poolPool
  • Exercise Room
  • Gated/Security
  • Parking Garage
  • High Rise Building

The minimum list price for buying a condo in Trump Tower Las Vegas is about $189,000 while the maximum is about $3,200,000. Trump Condos come are fully appointed and furnished with the finest cabinetry, marble, accessories, and bedding. The property features 50 exclusive penthouse suites and 1232 ultra-luxury hotel condos.

The experience at the tower is at the same level of excellence that Donald Trump is known for. However, it is important to have in mind that the entire project is a Trump-Ruffin project and isn’t one in which Trump’s name has been franchised. Residents also get to enjoy gorgeous, European-style kitchens furnished with Bosch, Sub-Zero, and Bosch appliances. The tower also has a pet-friendly policy and it isn’t uncommon to see residents leaving penthouses with a Yorkie or toy poodle.

For more information about other condominiums available for sale in Las Vegas, NV, visit